studienkolleg nrw

studienkolleg nrw
Paving the way for studies in Germany
studienkolleg nrw assists in the preparation of prospective international students who are not qualified to apply directly for admission to higher education in Germany. If the candidates have the necessary qualifications in their home country and have successfully completed the selection process of studienkolleg nrw, participation in the “German Education Gate” program will enable them to take the German university entrance examination (“Feststellungsprüfung”) within nine month. Cologne District Government (Bezirksregierung Köln) has commissioned Hochschule Fresenius to conduct the German university entrance examination at the Cologne study location. After the prospective candidates have passed the examination, they can apply for any degree course in Germany. Already during the program, the students are closely integrated at Hochschule Fresenius and in student life.


studienkolleg nrw makes a major contribution to internationalizing the COGNOS Group, as the preparatory courses assist in attracting students from abroad to the COGNOS university network. In fact, four-year bachelor courses will soon be offered specifically targeting the Asian region from 2018 in cooperation with Hochschule Fresenius. Suitable candidates will be selected locally.




Preparation in specialized subjects and language courses for the university admission examination (“Feststellungsprüfung”) and extensive service offerings for foreign students enrolled at studienkolleg nrw.


studienkolleg nrw was founded in 2017 with a view to qualifying prospective students from abroad.


studienkolleg nrw employs a highly reliable diagnostic assessment center as an instrument to select suitably qualified candidates abroad.
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