PTL – Die Praxis

Therapeutic services since 1995

The health center PTL – Die Praxis specializes in occupational and speech therapy, and offers counseling, diagnostics and treatment for children and adults.

Their specialist staff take an interdisciplinary and holistic approach aimed at restoring patients’ health. Together with the patient, practitioners determine the best therapeutic route to safely reach the smaller and major milestones leading to health. Treatments are closely coordinated in a team and patient scheduling is well organized, avoiding long waiting times and extra legwork.

The center treats all functional speech disorders as well as conditions related to sensory, motor and cognitive disabilities using a wide variety of therapeutic methodologies. The practice is also integrated in the extensive COGNOS Competence Group health network. The health center is partnered with Hochschule Fresenius-University of Applied Sciences, the Ludwig Fresenius Schools and Mentor.


Melle, Berlin, Erfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Chemnitz


Counseling, diagnostics and therapy for all occupational therapy and logopedic disorders.


PTL – Die Praxis was founded in Melle in 1995.


Quality management of the PTL health center has been certified by CERTQUA. It is certified according to ISO standard 9001.

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Bismarckstraße 32
49324 Melle

+49 5422 940 940