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Differdange/Differdingen (Luxembourg)


Bachelor and master programs in the fields of sport, health and management.


LUNEX University was founded in 2015. The study programs commenced in 2016.


LUNEX University and its study programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research in Luxembourg. It is certified to ISO Standard 9001.

LUNEX University


The university pursues an interdisciplinary approach with an optimally balanced combination of theory and practical skills and aligning course content to transnational standards and the requirements of the European labor market. To promote its international focus, all study programs are completed in English and are audited by an international board of experts.

An aspect important for LUNEX is in the harmonizing of top-class sport and studying. To that end, LUNEX cooperates closely with various institutions such as the National Olympic Committee of Luxembourg (COSL).


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LUNEX University
International University of Health, Exercise & Sports S.A.

50, avenue du Parc des Sports
4671 Differdange

Tel: +352 288 494 40
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