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Carl Remigius
Medical School

New paths into healthcare


Hamburg, Idstein, Frankfurt am Main, Munich


Bachelor and master programs in physician assistance, natural medicine, midwifery; continuous education programs in the fields of scene of conflict medicine, paramedicine, Adult Advanced Life Support measures and mental resilience.


Study programs at the Carl Remigius Medical School started in March 2016.


The Carl Remigius Medical School is institutionally accredited by the German Scientific Council part of Hochschule Fresenius. It is certified to ISO Standard 9001.

Carl Remigius Medical School


The Carl Remigius Medical School study programs are part of the Health & Social Department of Hochschule Fresenius-University of Applied Sciences under the law governing tertiary education. The School develops innovative study programs for the medical and health management sector. Its graduates are prepared for new, relevant fields of professional expertise and will hold important hybrid positions in healthcare. It was one of the first higher education institutions in Germany to launch the Physician Assistance program known from the USA, filling the gap between medicine and care. Its midwifery school at the Frankfurt location is the biggest facility of its kind in the whole of Hesse.


Contact Information

Carl Remigius Medical School
Limburger Straße 2
65510 Idstein

Tel: +49 800 724 58-34
Fax: +49 2 21 92 15 12-64