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Akademie Fresenius
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For 25 years Akademie Fresenius has been organizing conferences, symposiums and seminars on latest specialist and industry topics – with practical relevance and independence. The Academy stands for personal support, excellent service and a productive work atmosphere. All the events offer professionals and business leaders a first-class forum for exchanging information and experiences.


The main focus of Akademie Fresenius is on the fields of safety and quality of food and beverages, consumer products and chemicals. The Umweltakademie Fresenius division covers the fields of corporate environmental protection and risk management. All the speakers selected by Akademie Fresenius are experts in their respective fields and report on the issues, challenges and future trends in their area of expertise.




Conventions, conferences and seminars on the topics food and beverages, consumer products, chemicals and protection of the environment.


Umweltakademie Fresenius was founded in 1994. In 1998 it was renamed to Akademie Fresenius. The corporate environmental protection and risk management portfolios are still offered under the name Umweltakademie.


The quality management and organizational development of Akademie Fresenius have been audited and certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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