Vocational training

Get off to a good start

Health & Social

Geriatric nurse, geriatric care assistant, dietician, occupational therapist, preschool teacher, health and nursing assistant, social care worker, child carer, speech therapist, masseur and spa therapist, physiotherapist, paramedic, social assistant

Management & Business

Commercial assistant with focus on foreign languages and correspondence

Technical & Lab


Biological-technical assistant (BTA), chemical-technical assistant (CTA), medical-technical assistant (MTA), pharmaceutical-technical assistant (PTA)

Fashion & Cosmetics

Beautician, designers, fashion journalism/media communication, styling


A good start to working life with a vocational course


A good vocational course is the best foundation for a successful career. The vocational schools and job-market promoted programs made available by the COGNOS subsidiary companies offer a highly varied training spectrum for school leavers from all school types – for people with straight or meandering life paths. 

Whether for occupations in the office, in the lab or close to people – our vocational schools offer a sound preparation for the working world. Long years of experience, dedicated teachers and tight dovetailing of theory and practice are part of the common standard in all COGNOS training institutions. Besides the professional quality, we are highly committed to a culture of mutual trust and open communication. Vocational training is delivered in collaborative approach and tailored to the personal situation of the students.

We have quite intentionally linked our vocational schools and higher educational institutions to form an educational network. This enables our vocational students to learn on the basis of the latest research findings. After the vocational course, too, the network offers numerous possibilities for specialization and upskilling. For success now and in the future.