Degree courses

Deepen knowledge with a degree course

Economics & Media

Business administration, media and communication management, corporate communication, digital management, general management, automotive & mobility management, tourism, hotel and event management, 3D-design and management

Health, Social & Sport

Sign language interpreting, speech therapy, manual therapy, medical education, osteopathy, physician assistance, physiotherapy, international sports management, nutrition and fitness in prevention, social work

Fashion & Design

Fashion design, fashion journalism and communication, innovation management & design, interior design, brand and communication design, fashion design, fashion and design management, product design, sustainable design, fashion and product management, fashion and retail management, sustainability in fashion and creative industries

Chemistry, Biology & Technology

Applied chemistry for analytics, forensics and life science, bio- and pharmaceutical analysis, biosciences – applied biology for medicine and pharmaceutics, chemical engineering, food safety, industrial chemistry, industrial engineering, technical business administration and digital transformation


Expand knowledge, deepen knowledge – with bachelor and master degrees

There have never been so many students in Germany as now. And for a good reason: A degree course is an important component of occupational and personal development alike. It broadens horizons, paves new paths and can open doors which otherwise might have remained closed.

Deciding on a degree course, a particular university and a specific subject is shaped by individual knowledge, preferences and goals. The universities within the COGNOS network have an international focus and a broad spectrum of academic subjects and options – for every need and every interest.

Our universities offer programs on a full-time or parallel-to-work basis, with integrated training programs or virtual components. As a holistic education provider, it is important to us to enable high permeability between training and degree programs and also between degree and continuous education programs – in the spirit of life-long learning and continuous upskilling.