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Economics & Media

Business Management, Media Management, Corporate Communication, Digital Management, General Management, Automotive & Mobility Management, Tourism-, Hotel- and Eventmanagement, 3D-Design and Management…

Health, Social & Sports

Occupational Therapy, Sign Language Interpreting, Nursing, Speech Therapy, Manual Therapy, Medical Education, Osteopathy, Physician Assistance, Physiotherapy, International Sports Management, Social Work…

Fashion & Design

Design and Innovation Management, Fashion and Product Management, Fashion and Retail Management, Brand and Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fashion and Design Management, Spatial Concept & Design, Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries, Fashion Journalism and Communication, Product Design

Chemistry, Biology & Technology

Applied Chemistry for Analytics, Forensics and Life Science, Bio and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biosciences – Applied Biology for Medicine and Pharmacy, Industrial Chemistry, Food Safety, Business Chemistry, Business Engineering, Technical Business Administration and Digital Transformation
With a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree
There are more students at German universities than ever before. And this for good reason: Academic studies are an important building block for professional and personal development. This broadens horizons, reveals new ways and can open doors which might otherwise remain closed.

The decision for a certain academic program, a university and field of study depends on personal skills and knowledge, preferences and goals. The universities in the affiliated COGNOS AG network have an international focus and deliberately offer a broad portfolio of study courses and opportunities – to satisfy all needs and interests.

Our academic institutions provide full-time and part-time study, with integrated practical assignments or virtual studies. As an education provider with a holistic approach we attach great importance to the concept of permeability between vocational programs and studies, between studies and continuing education – with a view to lifelong learning and continuing educational upgrading.

What do our students say about us?
“The concept of onlineplus enables me to study again without having to give up my full-time job. Flexibiliy is an essential requirement for me, both professionally and privately, so that I can cope with the additional volume of working hours. And the course content is taught through studymags, videos, webinars etc which is great.”
Kathrin Bente

Student at onlineplus