Continuing education

Accept new challenges

Management & Leadership

Business Development, Change Management, Lead – Delegate – Motivate, Distance Leadership, Leading Lower-level Management, Master Complexity , Continuous Process Management, Methodological Competence in Project Management, Product Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, …


Communication & Coaching

Argumentation and debate training, negotiating successfully, focussed steering of discussions, group dynamics, competently intervening in conflicts, life and work balance, moderation methods and techniques, rhetoric, Train the Trainer, convincing presentations, from time management to self-management, …

Health & Nutrition

Allergen Management, Analytics & QA, Nutrition Counselling, Food Safety and Dietary Risk Assessment, Health Claims and Functional Ingredients, Classic Homeopathy, Manual Lymph drainage, Food Supplements, Pesticide Residues in Food, QA Managers Conference, Qualification Internal Auditor, Technology & Aseptic Filling of Sensitive Beverages, …

Environment & Chemistry

Waste Management and Recycling Economy, Occupational Health and Safety, Soil Conservation, Behaviour of Pesticides in Air, Soil and Water, Detergents & Cleaning Products, Endocrine Disruptors, Environmental Risk Assessment of Biocides, Immission Control and Major Accidents Law, Emergency and Crisis Management, Environmental Law for Environmental Representatives, …
With professional and personal further qualification

Continuing education is a matter of course for many employees nowadays and may even be essential in many professions. In the health sector, in particular, requirements and knowledge are constantly evolving. High-quality care and good patient outcomes can only be ensured by continuous training for healthcare professionals. But other sectors, too, require continuous updating of the standard of skills and expertise. Be it to ensure the maximum degree of safety, launch the best possible product on the market or faster response times to current trends.

Similarly, promotion to executive level may depend on your acquiring new qualifications, expanding your existing knowledge base and/or target specific soft skills, such as working on your representation skills. Experienced executives may also benefit from new scientific insights and perspectives enabling them to continuously perform at their highest level.

The academies and professional institutions affiliated with COGNOS offer a wealth of options and opportunities for personal and lifelong professional development. Not only to further your career and professional advancement, but above all for you personally.

What do our seminar participants say about us?
“The Academy’s concept stands for experienced expert staff, profound concepts and tailored solutions in every field. Feedback loops during and after training guarantee continuous quality control.”

Hardy Scherer

Managing Director, Rochus Mummert Group/Customer of the Academy for Executives