“With our work we accompany life-long learning,” Gabriela Bonsignore, lawyer


“We live education,” Sascha Kasapis, team leader financial accounting


“We teach competencies for the world of work today and tomorrow,” Evelyn Menke, sales manager at Hochschule Fresenius


“Education is a special product that I am pleased to support,” René Foitzik, Assistant to Director for Finance & Controlling, IT

“Here, everybody can find the vocational and continuous education that suits them,” Manuel Franz, Administration and Location Manager Hochschule Fresenius

The COGNOS Group
as employer

We live variety

The COGNOS Group as an employer

The some 2,000 employees in the COGNOS Group make a major contribution to the company’s success with their commitment, expertise and their passion for education. As an employee of the COGNOS Group, you can make a difference. Educating people and being able to accompany them in life-long learning is a very fulfilling duty and a great responsibility. We render services by people for people. What we sell gives others new opportunities. The experts and managers working in the COGNOS Group have a very special relationship with their work. They all share the enthusiasm of being able to do something meaningful and to make a contribution to society with their commitment – be it in the seminar room, in the lab, in IT or in the accounting department. That is why our employees play an important role in everything that we do. For us, it is immensely important to find and retain the right employees. Our headcount has almost doubled over the past ten years.

Our values

The hallmark of the COGNOS Group is a collegial support culture that can be felt in all parts and units of the organization and which is an important component of what distinguishes the COGNOS Group as an employer. In addition, we greatly value the individuality and diversity of our employees. Variety is, in our eyes, enriching. A good work-life balance between occupational and private commitment is in our opinion essential for our employees’ creativity and satisfaction and is also the basis for delivering exceptional services.

Application procedure

Online application

We look forward to your application on our online application portal. Please send us a cover letter, an up-to-date CV, relevant certificates and credentials and information about your availability and salary expectations.

Getting to know each other

If we see a match between your profile and the vacancy, we will contact you and arrange an initial meeting. This meeting will help us to learn more about you and your goals and will also give you a better idea about the vacancy we want to fill. Depending on the position, the first meeting will be followed by one or more discussions to make sure that you are who we are looking for and we are who you are looking for.

Contract of employment

Once a mutual decision is made, we will draft your employment contract as quickly as possible and as arranged and post it to you. We look forward to working with you.

Your contact persons

Do you have any questions about our vacancies or want to know more about career opportunities in the COGNOS Education Group? Our career advisers are there for you personally! You can reach us Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on our application hotline 02 21 / 9 21 51 27 81.

Marc Bauer

Marc Bauer

Head of Talent Acquisition & Development

Michelle Wieland

Michelle Wieland

Team Lead Recruitment

Jonas Waldig

Jonas Waldig

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Aylin Özer

Aylin Özer

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Aylin Pehlivan

Aylin Pehlivan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Fynn Osseforth

Fynn Osseforth

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Our vacancies

If you share our enthusiasm for education and find a job offer that suits you, we look forward to receiving your application.

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Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) Seminarorganisation in Dortmund

Die Akademie Fresenius | Ort: Dortmund | Bereich: Seminar- oder Veranstaltungsorganisation | Teilzeit

Personalreferent:in in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: HR | Vollzeit

Communications Manager:in Employer Branding und Reputationsmanagement

COGNOS AG | Ort: Hamburg oder Köln | Bereich: Kommunikation | Vollzeit

Salesforce Entwickler:in in Dortmund, Idstein oder deutschlandweit

COGNOS AG | Ort: Dortmund/ Idstein/ Remote | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Sachbearbeiter:in Datenpflege in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: HR | Teilzeit

Studentische Hilfskraft im Bereich Talent Acquisition

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: | Teilzeit

Web Consultant (m/w/d) in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

IT Service Desk Agent (m/w/d) in Hamburg

COGNOS AG | Ort: Hamburg | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Studentische Hilfskräfte im Bereich IT Service Desk

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln / Düsseldorf / Hamburg /Berlin | Bereich: IT | Teilzeit, Vollzeit

Studentische Hilfskraft in der Personalentwicklung

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: | Teilzeit

Mitarbeiter:in für die Organisation von Seminaren und Veranstaltungen in Dortmund

Die Akademie Fresenius | Ort: Dortmund | Bereich: Verwaltung | Vollzeit

Werkstudent:in im Bereich IT bundesweit

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln / Düsseldorf / Hamburg / München / Frankfurt / Leipzig / Hannover | Bereich: IT | Teilzeit, Minijob

IT-Koordinator:in dezentrale Infrastruktur & Field-Support in Hamburg, München, Berlin oder Raum Köln oder Düsseldorf

COGNOS AG | Ort: Hamburg / München / Berlin / Raum Köln oder Düsseldorf | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Abteilungsleiter:in dezentrale Infrastruktur & Field-Support deutschlandweit standortübergreifend

COGNOS AG | Ort: Deutschlandweit Standortübergreifend | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit


COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: | Vollzeit

Systemadministrator (m/w/d) Schwerpunkt Windows – Remote möglich

COGNOS AG | Ort: Idstein / Deutschlandweit | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit / Teilzeit

PHP Softwareentwickler:in Schul- und Hochschulinformationssystem in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Project Manager (m/w/d) Business Development in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: Projektmanagement | Vollzeit

Project Manager (m/w/d) Business & Market Intelligence in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: Projektmanagement | Vollzeit

Project Manager (m/w/d) M&A in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: Projektmanagement | Vollzeit

Compliance officer (w/m/d)

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: compliance officer | Vollzeit

IT System Engineer (m/w/d) Schwerpunkt Windows – Remote möglich

COGNOS AG | Ort: Idstein / Deutschlandweit | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit / Teilzeit

Assistent:in der Hochschulleitung in Wiesbaden

Charlotte Fresenius Hochschule | Ort: Wiesbaden | Bereich: Assistenz | Teilzeit

IT Service Desk Agent (m/w/d) in Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Köln | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Hochschulstatistiker:in in Idstein, Dortmund und Köln

COGNOS AG | Ort: Idstein, Dortmund, Köln | Bereich: IT | Vollzeit

Assistent:in des Rektorats in Wien

Charlotte Fresenius Privatuniversität i. Gr. | Ort: Wien | Bereich: Assistenz | Teilzeit, Vollzeit

Projektmanager:in in Wien

Charlotte Fresenius Privatuniversität i. Gr. | Ort: Wien | Bereich: Projektmanagement | Vollzeit

IT Service Desk Agent

COGNOS AG | Ort: Düsseldorf | Bereich: IT |

Dekan:in in Wiesbaden oder München

Charlotte Fresenius Hochschule | Ort: München, Wiesbaden | Bereich: Lehre | Vollzeit

Professor:in für Psychologie der nachhaltigen Transformation

Charlotte Fresenius Privatuniversität i. Gr. | Ort: Wien | Bereich: Lehre | Vollzeit