Who we are, what we stand for

Who we are

The company was founded as IFBE Institute for Professional Continuing Education in Hamburg in 1975. At the outset its focus was on the development of further training and re-training centers. In 1989 the Institute was re-named to COGNOS AG.

What we do

COGNOS AG offers qualification opportunities to people and organizations. Our course portfolio and training programs allow our customers to recognize, build on and constructively use their own strengths.

How we do business

We are well aware of our particular social responsibility as an education provider. As a disseminator and multiplier of knowledge we place high demands on the standard of diligence and integrity.

What is important to us

Success is the result we are focussing on jointly with our customers. We achieve this goal by ensuring that our offerings meet tested quality standards and by systematic development of new products.
Our technical colleges offer many different educational areas – from health and education to chemistry and biology to economics and tourism.
Study programs
We operate several higher education institutions in Germany and abroad offering an extensive range of classroom-based and online courses, which can be completed in full-time or part-time study. Our courses lead to a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
Excellent graduates are welcome to do their doctoral degree with us.
Continuing Education

Our academies provide continuing education courses for specialists in various industries who want to prepare for their next career move. We organize conferences, seminars for specialized training and special leadership programs for managers.


COGNOS AG is one of the largest private and independent education companies in Germany. We operate technical schools, colleges and further education institutions in Germany and abroad. In addition, we are involved in other educational institutions. The AG currently has 40 subsidiaries, 16 of which are present on the market as separate brands.


Our locations are distributed all over Germany. But we also have representations abroad. For instance in Prague, Luxembourg, New York City, Shanghai and Sydney.


Our company has existed since 1975. COGNOS AG in its present form was established in 1989. Some of our subsidiary companies date back even further: The tradition of Hochschule Fresenius goes right back to the year 1848.


Each COGNOS company places great emphasis on practical relevance, individual support and modern learning opportunities which meet the labor market needs.


COGNOS AG has been achieving above average growth each year. Since 2009 we have doubled our turnover and the number of our employees.