Who we are, what we stand for

Who we are

The COGNOS AG is one of the largest private and independent education companies in Germany. We run vocational schools, universities and training facilities in Germany and abroad. 

What we do


COGNOS AG offers qualification opportunities to people and organizations. Our course portfolio and training programs allow our customers to recognize, build on and constructively use their own strengths.

How we act


As an education provider we are particularly aware of our special social responsibility. As a provider and multiplier of knowledge we place high demands on our standard of diligence, integrity and forward thinking.

Our USPs


Success is the product we work towards together with our clients. This objective we attain through the audited quality of our offerings and systematic development of new products.


We live education


As one of the largest private and independent education companies in Germany, COGNOS AG operates a large number of vocational schools, universities and training facilities in Germany and abroad via its subsidiaries.

COGNOS evolved from the IFBE Institut für berufsbezogene Erwachsenenbildung (Institute for Vocation-Oriented Adult Education) founded in Hamburg in 1975, which had primarily concentrated on setting up training and reskilling centers. After the name change to COGNOS AG in 1989, the company steadily broadened and expanded its line of business through organic growth and also targeted strategic acquisitions and setting up new educational institutes.

Today, the education network comprises a wide range of different entities with many subjects and formats. COGNOS is the only company in Germany to offer all educational levels from vocational training and degree programs through to continuous education under one roof and so ensure the permeability necessary for life-long learning and the opportunity of success, perspectives and promotion.


Our educations areas: Multifaceted offers for every level of experience


We see learning as the key to success and want to give our clients – from school leavers and career starters through to specialists – the possibility of life-long learning.


Vocational training


Our vocational schools offer many different subject areas – ranging from health and pedagogics, chemistry and biology through to economics. Your occupational future begins here with us with a secondary or comprehensive school leaving certificate, advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance.


Study programs


We run several universities in Germany and abroad with a wide range of academic subjects, on site or online, full time or parallel to work. Our programs lead to bachelor and master qualifications.


Continuous education programs


In our academies we qualify specialists in a very wide range of occupations. We organize conferences, programs and seminars for applied continuous education.


The COGNOS educational network


We have quite intentionally linked our vocational schools and higher educational institutions to form an educational network. This enables our vocational students to learn on the basis of the latest research findings. And after the vocational course too, the network offers numerous possibilities for specialization and upskilling. In addition, we qualify over 11,000 specialists from a wide range of industries for their next career move in our continuous education institutions every year. This creates a diverse mix of people, subjects and formats. But no matter how varied our programs may be, the ultimate objective is and will always remain the occupational and personal success of our clients. That is why our companies always offer a rigorously high practical approach, individual support tailored to our clients’ wishes and modern learning offerings which satisfy the demands of the labor market.


What we stand for



Our locations are spread all over Germany. But we also are present abroad, including Prague, Luxembourg, New York City and Shanghai



High practical orientation, individual support and modern learning offerings. Teaching of competencies for the world of work today and tomorrown



A track-record shaped by the pioneering spirit of great entrepreneurs



COGNOS leverages an education tradition which dates back via the Fresenius family to the year 1848



We are drivers of science and learning



We enable learning in new formats – virtually and individually


Strong growth

COGNOS AG has achieved uninterrupted above-average growth year in, year out. Since 2009 turnover and headcount have doubled.


COGNOS in figures

COGNOS AG has been on a growth path for years: between 2009 and 2021 revenue more than doubled from EUR 63 million to more than EUR 175 million. The headcount has also risen significantly from 880 to 2193 (in 2022).

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Permanent employees

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